O.MG Cable - Lightning to USB-C

To get a cable like this, you used to need a million dollar budget or to find a guy named MG at DEFCON. But Hak5 teamed up with MG to allow more people access to this previously clandestine attack hardware.

Every O.MG Cable is hand made and tailored to look and feel exactly like the cable your target already has in their possession. You won’t need a million dollar budget for this cable, but the power and capabilities are extensive.

It is packed with a web server, 802.11 radio, and way more memory and processing power than the type of cable you would want for just doing demos. But the flexibility makes demos easy. 

All USB-C O.MG Cable's come standard with the base features of the standard O.MG Cable plus Enhanced WiFi hardware to increase your range. The cable supports USB 2.0 functionality. For demos and experimentation, USB-C mobile attacks are another included feature: plug just the USB-C end into a smartphone or tablet.

The O.MG Cable is built for covert field-use, with features that enhance remote execution, stealth, forensics evasion, all while being able to quickly change your tooling on the fly.

The Keylogger Edition retains full features of the standard O.MG Cable and adds a Keylogger capable of storing up to 650,000 keystrokes. The Keylogger Edition was specifically built to be used against keyboards with detachable cables. Please see the developer page for information about the status of firmware features, supported keyboards, and more.

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