A Version for Every Mission

Hak5 Gear are some of the most recognized devices in penetration testing – from WiFi intrusion to network implants and USB attacks.

Control entire fleets of Hak5 Gear with Cloud C2. Whether you're an enthusiast, pentester or red team – there's a version of Cloud C2 for you.


Cloud C2 Features

  • Live Insights
    Broad visibility into wired and wireless landscape
  • Intuitive Dashboard
    Thoughtfully designed to assess the situation at-a-glance
  • Complete Control
    Command the airwaves with the WiFi Pineapple® suite
  • Web Shell
    Complete Linux terminals on all your devices
  • Hak5 Gear Ready
    Works with our top penetration testing devices
  • Simple Deployment
    Drag-and-drop one file to provision a device
  • Setup in Minutes
    A single executable for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Self Hosted
    Install on the infrastructure you already own
  • Privacy First
    Devices communicate over encrypted backhauls
  • Secure by Default
    Automatic HTTPS setup and management


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