Hak5 Partner Program

The Hak5 Partner Program is our way to reward our most loyal fans.

Here's the deets. 


This is an invite-only program. It's born out of a long running inner circle "that one time at hacker camp", close knit community - and we want to keep that spirit going. Benefits include:

Early access to new products & beta firmware
When we release new gear we often make a small number of pre-production or sample units, which we seed to beta testers for feedback before the product launch. 

Compensation for Hak5 gear sales referrals
You'll get a unique link/referral code to share with your friends and followers, so you'll get a commission on their Hak5 purchases.

Inclusion in the Hak5 insiders chat group
We'll invite you to our inner circle chat. Hang with our crew and get the inside scoop on the latest Hak5 happenings.



We're big believers in being fair and frank. To that effect, the Hak5 Partner Program rules are designed to ensure that we're all doing our best in good faith to promote the brand in the best light. Should that not be the case - if we learn of or suspect that the rules have been broken (on purpose or not), we may suspend or cancel your participation in the program. We also reserve the right to alter your commission.

Please understand that if we do feel the need to alter your participation in the program, it's in the spirit of fairness to all members of the program, our customers, and Hak5 partners. 

We're bringing in our most loyal and long standing Hak5 fans from around the world, and we're looking to reward those who've supported us along the way. I hope that intention is apparent in these rules.


(1) Do not use "black-hat" language when promoting Hak5 gear.

This is an absolute must, and there will be zero tolerance on this policy. Any "black-hat" language or insinuations of illegal activity in promotion of Hak5 gear is grounds for dismissal from the program. Do not refer to Hak5 gear in regards to illicit activity, such as obtaining unauthorized access or personally identifiable information without consent. Hak5 gear is intended for ethical, white-hat hacking and authorized security auditing, systems administration and education purposes only.

(2) Please keep your referral link off the googles.

The program is designed to reward influencers for sharing Hak5 gear with their audience. Your referral link/code is designed for your sphere of influence - not the world at large. If your link shows up when someone outside your circles searches for a Hak5 discount code, chances are it violates the program. The spirit of this program is to reward our most loyal fans and their specific followers - not to simply provide a blanket discount to the whole of the Internet. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your program participation or alter your commission.

(3) It's your responsibility to keep your link/code off coupon aggregation and other 3rd party sites.

Please do not post your link/code to these sites, and when you share your link/code with your followers, kindly inform them that it's just for them - and not to be shared publicly. If we suspect that your link/code have become public knowledge, we have the right to alter your participation in the program.

(4) Only share your referral link through channels that you own. If you have a code, it can only be shared privately. 

For example, feel free to share your referral link in the description of a YouTube review on your channel, or in a product review or tutorial on your blog. But don't post it to a public Reddit thread, for example. If you have a code, you can only share it through completely private channels - like an email newsletter to your subscribers, direct messages, or in a special section of your site that people must login to access.

(5) You must disclose to us where you are sharing your coupon link/code.

In the Partner Program application, we request a number of links to better understand how you may be reaching your followers. If we see suspicious activity on your account, we may reach out to you at any time to ask you where your link/code is being shared. Refusing to disclose where you share the link is grounds for dismissal from the program.

(6) Do not run ads with your referral link/code.

Please do not run advertisements - such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, or any other digital advertising platform - with your referral link/code. Generally we prohibit any third party marketing efforts that mimic the Hak5 brand. We want to see you showing your own voice, and in doing so there should not be confusion as to who the publisher is. It's important for us that our customers have a consistent experience with our brand, and you should do the same in sharing with your followers with your own special take. 

(7) Commissions are paid monthly.

Within the first week of each month, and upon gaining 100 dollars or more in commission, you will be paid.

(8) Payment is sent via Paypal in USD.

Unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon, all payments will be sent via Paypal.

(9) We reserve the right to cancel or alter your participation in the program, commission, discount or payment schedule at any time.

This program is all about rewarding our most loyal fans, but for a variety of unknown unknowns (and some known unknowns like a UFO invasion), we may need to alter the Hak5 Partner Program. If that's the case, we'll let you know of any changes coming up.

We also welcome your feedback - so if you'd like to share something, please reach out to us.

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