O.MG Keylogger Cable


The team behind the O.MG Cable took everything you already expect from the original O.MG Cable and added Keylogging functionality, 4x the storage for Payloads/Keylogs, and did so while keeping the exterior look of the cable unchanged.

This results in a tailored solution for Red Team professionals that need to log keyboards with detachable cables without visible adapters or needing the time for physical implants on the target keyboard. Just swap out the existing keyboard cable with the O.MG Keylogger Cable.

The firmware for the O.MG Keylogger Cable is actively under development, with a completion goal during 2021. However, there has been an overwhelming demand to purchase the cable early and help test the firmware. So, we are opening Early Access to the public. Check the Development Blog for information about the status of firmware features, supported keyboards, and more.

The hardware for sale is the finalized production version that will support the completed firmware. Additionally, the hardware can also run the latest firmware for the original O.MG Cable.

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